Mt Roskill Medical Centre

Richardson Road

Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am to 8pm


Stoddard Road


Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm


Telephone: 627 8552 (24 hours) for further information

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We're your one-stop facility for expert health care you can rely on


Are preferred for most doctors from Monday to Friday.

Accidents and emergencies will be assessed upon arrival.  If the doctor/nurse has to attend to an emergency prior to your appointment, you will be advised on arrival of the approximate waiting time.

Walk-in Clinic

At Richardson Road, we have a dedicated walk-in doctor from Monday to Friday. However, the waiting time could be longer than 45 minutes during peak times. Saturday and Sunday are also a walk-in clinic and no appointments are booked on these days.

Our Stoddard Road branch is a dedicated walk-in clinic from Monday to Friday.

Nurse Consultations:

Our experienced nursing staff are available to do certain consultations.  These include BP check, diabetes check, injections, vaccinations, and dressings.  Please discuss with the nurses if you need any assistance in arranging homecare after an accident -  e.g. District Nursing services, Meals on wheels.


We require 24 hours notice to prepare a prescription for pick up. All prescriptions ordered over the phone cost $6. There is a further $5 charge for faxing and posting to a pharmacy. All prescriptions are required to be collected within one month. After this period all uncollected prescriptions will be discarded.  However, if you are in need of an urgent prescription, there could be a wait of 45 minutes or more while it is prepared and signed.

Car Parking:

Is available in the basement (entry from White Swan Road).  There is disability parking at the main entrance on Richardson Road.  All illegally parked cars will be towed away.

* Please keep the driveway and main entrance clear at all times for emergency vehicles.


Although enrolment is not necessary, we encourage you to enrol, as there are many advantages and services only for enrolled patients.


All accounts are to be paid at reception at the time of consultation, either by cash/eftpos/cheque/credit card.  Accounts are by arrangement only and could incur further charges.

Specialist appointments:

Are available with a referral from your GP. To make an appointment with any of our specialists, please phone reception on 09 627 8552.


Visitors to New Zealand are covered for accident treatment:

If you are a visitor and need care after an accident you should discuss this with the doctor or nurse.

Travel Vaccinations:

It is adviseable to have Typhoid & Hepatitis A vaccinations for travel to certain parts of the world.  For further information please discuss with the nurse or doctor.



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